MT4 Platform Walkthrough Video

(In Cantonese Only)

These videos guide you step-by-step through the basic functions of MT4 mobile platform.

Introduction to MT4 MOBILE

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Introduction to Rakuten MT4 mobile interface
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Basic Setting

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Set up default currency pairs

Trading Features

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How to open order?
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How to modify order?
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How to close order?
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How to check margin information and open position?
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How to check account history?

Edit Charts and Add Indicators

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How to change time frames?
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How to add indicator?
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Using crosshair to show candle’s detail
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How to draw lines on chart?

MT4 User Manual

User Manual
Desktop MT4 User Manual
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Guide
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Global video-on-demand service
Global eReading service
Online travel reservations
Online marketing solutions specializing in the areas of search
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Digital content delivery solution
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