Rakuten FX is Launched. A Brand New Forex Account Service & Unrivalled Platform

Rakuten FX is Launched. A Brand New Forex Account Service & Unrivalled Platform

A Brand New Forex Account Service & Unrivalled Platform
Revolutionize your forex trading experience

Rakuten Securities Hong Kong Limited (“Rakuten Securities HK”) is proud to announce: Rakuten FX, a brand new forex account service for clients to trade through an unrivalled trading platform. With the introduction of Rakuten FX, we are to exceed traders’ expectation and further strengthen our leading position among online forex brokers in Hong Kong.

“After the successful rebranding of Rakuten Securities HK from FXCM Asia in April this year, we listen to client’s feedback and understand the needs of market. Launching Rakuten FX, offering an ever low trading cost and over 99%ɞ order execution rate that definitely revolutionizes client’s forex trading experience” said Kazunori Iida, President of Rakuten Securities HK.

Rakuten Securities HK understands lower trading cost and higher order execution rate are crucial factors for successful traders. Rakuten FX account offers tight fixed spread¤ with NO commission, while trading order execution rate is over 99%ɞ through Rakuten FX trading platform.

Tight & Fixed Spread¤ 0 Commission
Lowest fixed spreads:

EUR/USD 0.7 pips
USD/JPY 0.7 pips
AUD/USD 1.0 pips
GBP/USD 1.3 pips
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NO commission, spread is the only cost.
Over 99%ɞ Order Execution Rate
Super high execution rate of AS Streaming and Streaming orders

Rakuten FX trading platform will be available on October 3, 2016, with desktop (MARKETSPEED FX), mobile (iSPEED FX) and web (Rakuten FX Web) versions. This is an award-winningʊ trading platform, wholly owned by our parent company Rakuten Securities, Inc., and is one of the most popular trading platforms in Japan. We firstly introduce you two outstanding features of MARKETSPEED FX desktop platform:

1. Fast One-Click Order Execution for Day Trader 2. Create Leave Order during Weekends
AS Streaming order enables trader to submit market order without setting Entry or Close Leave Order (Stop or Limit Order) can be placed/ modified/ cancelled during weekends~

Should you have any enquiries, please contact Rakuten Securities HK at (852) 2119-0116 or info@sec.rakuten.com.hk or more information and updates, please visit: https://www.sec.rakuten.com.hk