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International Wire

Forex Trading Account

International Wire

Bank Name Bank of China (Hong Kong)
Beneficiary Rakuten Securities Hong Kong Limited
Beneficiary Account No. (HKD) 012-662-0-006817-7
Beneficiary Account No. (USD) 012-662-9-208269-1
Bank Address 1 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong
References Please reference your full name and the 8 to 10-digit account number in the reference section of the wire transfers. If you are a new client, please specify "New Account"

International wires (bank or post office) usually take 3 to 5 business days to receive fund. Clients may be subject to additional charges from intermediary banks which the amount varies from different banks.

Post Office Wire (applicable only to China resident)

Clients reside in China can fund the account via "China Post International Money Transfer" service provided by China post office. Please note that Rakuten Securities HK does not accept wire transfers through Western Union.

Important Notice: